Good Samaritan Mission Support

Our Mission

The Good Samaritan Club helps to bring the gospel of the kingdom to the homeless, the sick, and those in disaster affected areas. The Good Samaritan message is one that comes with a testimony of the power of God using our Good Samaritan healing and anointing oil, we anoint the sick, comforting wounds, aches and pains with ointment as well as the spirit with words of truth and mercy. Here are just a few examples of our mission work.

1) Feeding and Healing the homeless:

Good Samaritan club members make hot and nutritious food for homeless camps around the areas in which we have active members, and deliver the food along with healing oils, anointing and prayers. These people are in desperate need of healing with poor diets, chronic pain, bug and spider bites, non healing wounds, lack of sanitation and little access to proper treatment. We like to just love on people who need love. 

2) Distribution of Good Samaritan oils through food banks:

Good Samaritan club works with willing food banks to supply the needy with the Good Samaritan healing oils, through which we have received many testimonials of thanks, and healing. 

3)  International Good Samaritan missionaries: 

Another part of our mission is to freely equip missionaries with the best healing and anointing oil for use on themselves and others, for healing and anointing  in their travels. Many of these missionaries are in areas that have little to no sanitation, remote villages and harsh environments where there are no doctors, hospitals or clinics.  In hostile environments like this you need the best tool you have, Good Samaritan healing oil is just that.

4) Redeeming the lost:

Many people who are coming out of addictions to sin and sorcery need a way to reconnect with their heart and spirit. We recruit these brothers and sisters into a support system, teaching them Gods natural ways, and how to serve other in ministry with their testimonials, feeding the hungry, teaching others truth and mercy, healing and anointing the sick, and seeking to save their lost brothers and sisters.

5) Disaster Relief Missions:

Whenever there is a natural disaster such as hurricanes, flooding & earthquakes, we have a team ready to go offer support in these regions as funding allows. The following is an example of one of these trips after hurricane Maria in 2017

Our trip to the island of Dominica with Tyler Norris of SoulR and UN Operation Resilient Dominica. Hurricane Maria left the island of Dominica with out electricity or running water which has also effected the economy severely. Our mission helped testify to and heal over 500 people, most of whom received a bottle of Good Samaritan healing oil. We also helped teach people about natural healthy choices in diets, proper wound care, purifying water, and working together to help each other.  Thank you for helping supporting our mission!

You support all of this every time you use or order our products, or share them with others.