Kure-it Rx8 Maximum Strength Frankincense & Myrrh Healing Oil

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Kure-it Rx8 Maximum Strength Healing & Anointing Oil

A Super Anti-Inflammatory product that uses the finest ingredients sourced from all around the world. A super natural pain and inflammation relief of the highest strength and quality of white frankincense and sweet myrrh. 

For chronic pain, surgeries & serious wounds, Kure-it Rx8 Maximum Strength Healing & Anointing Oil is our most concentrated level of pain relief & healing oil. This allows this oil to be both quicker to reduce pain and more effective at relieving symptoms for longer periods. Using the largest organ (the skin) for delivery into the bloodstream

At an amazing 8 x stronger than the Kure-it Rx1 this is sure to help relieve even the most chronic pain, heal wounds faster and can be diluted down with carrier oils like olive oil, to the lesser strengths at home.  We get nothing but praises from our clients on this product.

Kure-it Rx8 Maximum Strength is highly recommended for chronic pain as well as surgical wounds and pain relief for trauma, broken bones, super fast wound healing, Bug & Spider bites (brown Recluse, etc.) fighting Cancer & autoimmune diseases and much more.

Kure-it Rx8 Maximum Strength Healing & Anointing Oil is also great for an immune booster taken orally, sublingual &/or nasal as a daily Therapeutic to boost the immune system with the mineral rich essence of the infused oils.

Our 100% natural ingredients include;

Olive Oil, Frankincense, Myrrh, Basil, Rosemary, Cinnamon, Tea Tree, Oregano, Spikenard, Ylang Ylang, Lavender, Citrus & Cedarwood.

Each 20ml bottle contains aprox 500 drops, or 100 doses/uses (30 day supply)

Most applications require 2-5 drops recommended 3 times daily.

For immune boosting, or serious diseases like cancer, an oral dose of 20ml per week is recommended for 90 days, then normal dosages for maintenance.

This product also comes in our:

Rainbow 6 Max Gift Pack. 

For some examples of wound healing, the following is extremely graphic... so if you are squeamish, you might not want to scroll any further:

Warning! Graphic Content

This was about 8 hours after swimming in the black sea with an open wound... Thankfully the oil kept me completely pain free, I was concerned as i fully expected the healing oil to defeat this too..

Warning!  Graphic Pictures as this gets worse.....

ouch, a necrotic infection 8 hours later..... sitting in the emergency room in Sliven Bulgaria... nobody speaks english either..... But i know God is with me!

4 Hours later, after emergency surgery .... God was with the surgeon and at least he spoke english lol.... God is still with me... No access to the wound ecxept application to the upper arm and thumb area. So i used the oil... amazingly no pain as long as i kept it at heart level. 

After surgery.... They would not let me put the Kure-it Rx Healing oil on it.... They also didn't speak english at all lol... Patience, I want in any pain thanks to the Kure-it Rx8

2 days after the emergency surgery..... zombie hand.... The first application of the Kure-it Rx8 directly to the wound. It felt great after that first application.

Traveling back to the USA from Bulgaria.. a 24 hour long flight plus 8 hours layover in Denmark.... God is with me and i am using my damaged hand to carry my staff as well.

 Believe me there are more graphic picture in between these! 

Day 7 using Kure-it Rx4 

Day 14, looks weird, still no pain, using it pretty much every day since the operations btw with zero pain, Thank God.

Day 21, just amazing it healed this fast, the doctor said it would be 3-6 months, plus he didn't believe the Kure-it Rx8 Healing oil would help any.  Amazing!

Day 23 totally healed, barely a scar left. Complete pain free healing is 23 days. 

The only thing used on this wound after surgery was iodine, and Kure-it Rx4 chronic strength healing oil (1/2 strength of the kure-it Max Rx8).

We recommend getting a 12 month supply for each person. 

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Here is professor Gordon Pennington PNH MNH explaining how to use the Kure-it Rx Healing Oils:

Be blessed and never let your head lack oil.

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