Diabetes Defense Package 60 Day Supply

  • $149.95

Bundle Savings!

(picture is for reference only, package contents listed below)

The Kure-It Diabetes Care package comes with a 60-90 day supply of the most effective mineral support and Pain Relief Support products you can buy.

This package includes:

  • Kure-It Rx1 Healing oil 30ml 
  • 30-60 ea. day supply of pain/inflammation relief. Kure-It Rx1 delivers nutrients on a cellular level directly through the largest organ of the body, which is your skin.     Value 1 X $39.95 ea. = $39.95
  • Kure-it Rx4 Healing oil 15ml 
  • Rx4 is 4x stronger than the Rx1 formula for those day where pain is persistent and you need something stronger or longer lasting. 60-90 day supply       Value 1 X $49.95 ea. = $49.95
  • 5 healthy Herbal Teas: (20 teabags each) non irradiated, naturally grown.

  1. Oolong Tea- Weight loss, Digestion, eczema, blood pressure, Diabetes
  2. Chai Tea- Immune, digestion, energy & pain support
  3. Peppermint Tea- Stomach Support, Stress, Headaches, Sleep support and Pain
  4. Chamomile Tea- Immune Support, Stress, Nausea, Stomach Support and Pain 
  5. Gunpowder Green Tea- (contains natural caffeine) Arthritis Support, Blood Sugar, Inflammation, Weight Loss, Skin Support.
  6. $9.95 ea. x 5 = A $49.75 Value

We recommend 2-3 cups of tea per day plus 4-8 cups of water minimum 

  • 2 Natural Herbal Supplement Blends: (50 capsules each)
    1. Pain/Cancer Defense 1 (50): Frankincense, Turmeric & Ginger
    2. Kidney Support: Myrrh, Elder berry, garlic, red clove, milk thistle, olive leaf, alfalfa
    3. $19.95 ea. X 2 = a $39.90 Value

    Package Value = $179.55

    Your Bundle Price = $149.95

    Your Bundle Savings = $29.60

    "Let every herb that bears seed be meat for you."

    Have faith in Gods natural healing.

     All Rainbow health company products are made from the best naturally grown herbs, resins and oils, direct from nature. All blends are made by a master certified herbalist according to exact formulation for maximum benefits.

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