Special Healing Offers

Kure-it is the strongest natural pain reliever in the world, and these package deals are the best way to buy them.

Kure-it is a safe, completely natural, Biblically correct, all purpose, healing ointment infused with Frankincense, Myrrh and other herbs. This was used for more than 2,000 years as Gods commanded way of anointing & healing for the Levitical priests for the tribes of Israel, as well as for anointing kings, the temple, the ark and all of the vessels and people in the service of the temple.

It is also confirmed in James 5:13: 
"if any one of you is sick, have them come before the elders of the church and anoint them with ('ointment') and they shall be healed through the prayer of faith." It is written that God never changes, so we can be assured this is his way, and not doctors, hospitals, surgeries and pharmaceutical drugs, which has only been around less than 100 years.

Thank you for trusting us, what we do is quite important to us. Let the true healing come back into the church where it belongs.  - Prof. Gordon Pennington PNH/MNH