Biblical Healing and Anointing Oils.

The 3 Magi's Oil Blend

Kure-it Rx Biblical healing oils are made using only the purest Frankincense, Myrrh; extract of herbs are added using an ancient "Flash Infusion" process, we infuse the vitamins, minerals and turpenes directly into the actual olive oil itself for delivery by topical or oral use.

What do our clients say?

"Since i found Kure-it Rx, I haven't had a cold or flu with noticeable symptoms! 2 drops up each nostril, and I am free to breathe for 6-8 hours, and don't even feel sick, and its gone in a day or 2....its just amazing for everything. Eric in PA

"I'm 85 and I now live free from pain in my hands & hip! No more expensive & painful injections or dopey pills for me, plus I sleep great now. I have never seen anything else like it, Thank you Kure-it Rx!" Joy in Florida

"I bought Kure-it Rx because it worked for my arthritis. I also suffered from vertigo for the last 4 years. Then one day i thought why not, so I put a few drops in my ear before bed & the next morning my vertigo was gone and hasn't come back. I am very blessed to have found this miracle.  Jim in TN

"Your oils are the remedy for this opioid epidemic!! It actually WORKS without ANY addiction! Keep it up Gordon!!  Cheryl in FL

The Oils of Life

     Kure-It Rx healing oil is absorbed directly into the skin, and into the bloodstream. Your skin being the largest organ of the body, the surface area allows for faster delivery of nutrients to the area of concern. 

     The infused Frankincense  and Myrrh deliver concentrated minerals and help increase blood flow and relieve inflammation which is the source of pain. 

Kure-it Rx Healing & Anointing Oils

Good Samaritan Healing & Anointing Oil

Witness for yourself Gods true power of faith in the biblical instructions for caring for the sick, anointing oneself and others for healing wounds, fast pain relief, burns, aches, sleeplessness, etc.

"The church needs to rediscover its roots."

Flash Gordon

At twice the strength of the Kure-it Rx1, you will find this product perfect to carry with you in your journey of truth. Get freedom from unnatural drugs, and take your power back from the worlds unnatural remedies which cannot heal. Put your faith in Gods instructions left to be revealed in these dark days of deception, spiritual and medical fraud. 

Good Samaritan healing and anointing oil is great for relaxation of the body and mind.

Get equipped for healing here;

Kure-It Rx1

Kure-It Rx1 is a Revolutionary product that helps stop pain at the source, reduce inflammation, disinfect and heal wounds up to 10x faster! Applied topically, you will find Kure-It Rx1 refreshing for your skin. Using the newest advances in Flash Infusion Processing has set us apart from the competition with all of our oils being 100% natural!

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Kure-It Rx1 + CBD 1250

For Chronic and extreme pain levels, Kure-It Rx1 + CBD 1250 boosts the body's natural functions by delivering nutrition and pain relief on a cellular level at the affected area. This is a variation of our popular Rx1 oil, now with 1250 milligrams of CBD infused per oz. Try Kure It Rx1 + CBD 1250  today!

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Kure-It Rx4

For those suffering from chronic pain, Kure-It Rx4 is a 4x concentrated level of our popular Rx1 oil, which allows this oil to be both quicker to help reduce pain and inflammation, and is more effective at helping to relieve symptoms. For a longer lasting effect, try Kure-It Rx4 

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Kure-It Rx4 + CBD-2000

For extreme pain levels, Kure-it Rx4+CBD-2000 increases the function of our Rx4 oil by adding CDB isolates. Utilizing both the natural ingredients in Kure-it Rx4 as well as 2000 milligrams of CBD per oz,  Kure-it Rx4+CBD 2K can help deliver rapid relief! Try Kure It Rx4+CBD-2000  today and end the nightmare!


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Face-It Fx

Your skin is your body’s natural shield against bacteria, viruses, parasites and the elemental forces, and that is why we developed Face It Fx. This product is a variation of our popular Rx1 oil, with the delicate skin of your face as its top priority. Most facial products on the market are water-based and therefore cannot penetrate the cell wall. This natural oil is absorbed by the skin, attacking problems at the root causes of ailments to solve the problem! Try Face It Fx risk free today!

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Pure CBD Oils

Our brand of pure CBD oils are made using organic virgin coconut oil, Infused with organic CBD isolates, and contain 0% THC.

CBD isolates are very effective at helping relieve pain naturally. Available in strengths up to a whopping 4000 mg/oz you are sure to find some relief at affordable prices. Our goal is to help end dependency on dangerous pharmaceutical drugs.

The only thing more powerful than our CBD oils is our incense infused healing oils, Kure-it Rx and Good Samaritan brands. We are the factory so you can save up to 60% off normal "retail pricing" found in most specialty stores.

Recommended for topical & oral use

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The teas of life

Since the dawn of creation, God has provided for all his creatures, through the natural plants, herbs, oils and waters he created. The bible mentions herbs as being "good" and "curative" & science is finally catching up to the truth that has been known for about 6,000 years.

Teas are a natural source of concentrated minerals that are known to help: reverse disease, build immunity, naturally regulate blood pressure, relieve pain, increase blood oxygenation, destroy free radicals and increase energy.

Our teas are specially selected for freshness, and packaged in reseal-able Mylar packaging to help retain the essential nutrients.

Herbal tea selections

How Does It Work?

  • We Know You Will Love This Oil!

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Kure-It Rx Pro Package

Kure-It Rx Pro Package

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Kure-It Rx + CBD Package

Kure-It Rx + CBD Package

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Kure-It Rx-1 package of 5

Kure-It Rx-1 package of 5

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Kure-it Rx.. the #1 physician recommended healing oil.

"Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food." Hippocrates

"An ounce of Kure-It Rx is worth a pound of prevention." Flash Gordon 2020

"Let your head never lack oil." Proverbs KJV

What is Kure-it Rx Healing Oil?

A mineral rich super alkaline oil that has an amazing healing power. Made from the oils and herbs we eat, it is totally safe and natural.

What does Kure-it Rx do?

Used topically, oral, or as nasal & ear drops:

Relieves Cold & Flu symptoms * Headaches * Anti-Viral * Anti-Fungal * Anti-Bacterial * Immune Boosting * Heals & Disinfects Wounds * Stops Bleeding * Increases Circulation * Reduces Inflammation * Relieves Pain* Joint & Muscles * Bug Bites * Arthritis * Gout * Cold & Flu Defense * Kills Intestinal & Skin Parasites * Boosts Brain Function * Calming & Relaxing * Muscle Cramps * Sprains & Breaks * Spider Bites * Blood Alkalizing * Relieves Cold & Flu symptoms * Headaches * Toothaches * Much, Much more....